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Fixes INP-1779 - Throw an exception, when SQL error is detected in CLI

Differential Revision:

Fixes INP-1566 - Don't log errors from 3rd party libraries to System Log

Differential Revision:

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Fixes INP-1577 - CS fix all variable type comment

Differential Revision:

  1. … 177 more files in changeset.

Fixes INP-1502 - Gracefully handle case of missing file/line keys in stack trace info

Differential Revision:

[backported] Fixes INP-1638 - Create intermediate class to access /system/config.php file


  • core/install/install_toolkit.php
  • core/units/helpers/modules_helper.php
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[backported] Fixes INP-1637 - Use "System Log" to log HTTP requests

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[backported] Fixes INP-1604 - Adapt error output for CLI

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Fixes INP-1428 - Use "connectionOpened" method instead of "connectionOpened" property

Differential Revision:

Fixes INP-1403 - Trim long argument values in trace

Differential Revision:

Fixes INP-1402 - Use "call_user_func" in System Log

Differential Revision:

Fixes #0001424: Inconsistent naming in "E-mail Templates" section


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Fixes #0001317: Allow to specify what IP address source to use


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Bug #0001003: Logging engine

1. Fixes fatal error, that was always happening when system log is disabled and attempt is made to catch last error happened on a page


Fixes #0001003: Logging engine


  1. … 26 more files in changeset.