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Fixes INP-1736 - Make "\kNavigationBar::getCategoryParentPath" method language-aware

Differential Revision:

Fixes INP-1661 - Check "CategoryHelper::getCategoryModule" method call result before using it

Differential Revision:

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Fixes INP-1577 - CS fix all variable type comment

Differential Revision:

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Fixes INP-1349 - Links in Breadcrumbs have incorrect urls, when using 'shift' parameter

1. commit on behalf of Vova

Fixes #0001336: Highlighting of "Home" element in navigation bar


Fixes #0001256: Tag "m_IsActive" not working when physical template is accessed via mod-rewrite url


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Bug #0001222: Incorrect PageInfo Mapping and Navbar

1. parameter "current" was not passed to "custom" block, used to render "_page" and "item_" navigation bar elements


Fixes #0001222: Incorrect PageInfo Mapping and Navbar


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