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Bug INP-1697 - Automate usage of "allow_html" block parameter

Differential Revision:

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Fixes MINN-10 - Don't use Web Request during Article adding/editing

Differential Revision:

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Bug INP-1206 - Focusing on date/time field doesn't show an error

Bug #0001434: Disable html editor for "inp_edit_textarea" block by default


Bug #0001025: Automatically set "svn:keywords" property to PHP files


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Merge of "modules/in-news/releases/5.1.1@14074" to "modules/in-news/branches/5.2.x@13843".

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Releasing version 'branches/5.2.x' (copy from 'branches/5.1.x') of 'modules/in-news' module.

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