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Bug INP-1378 - Force escape "m_Get" tag output

Bug INP-1350 - Add the "kUtil::unescape" method

Bug INP-1290 - Deal with "svn:ignore" attributes

Bug INP-1316 - Add primary key to table, that don't have it

Commit on behalf of Erik

Bug INP-1298 - Use "http_build_query" to escape url parameters

Bug INP-1274 - Move deployment script log to database

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Bug INP-1302 - Use build-in date manipulation functions instead of adodb library

Merge of "modules/in-news/releases/5.2.1-B2@15767" to "modules/in-news/branches/5.3.x@15809".

Merge of "modules/in-news/releases/5.2.1-RC1@15883" to "modules/in-news/branches/5.3.x@15809".

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Releasing version 'releases/5.2.1-RC1' (copy from 'branches/5.2.x') of 'modules/in-news' module.

Bug INP-1287 - Translate missing phrases

Bug INP-921 - [ONGOING] Prepare 5.2.x releases

Adding 5.2.1-RC1 version.

Bug INP-1280 - Ensure presence of 'parent_event' parameter in majority kTempTablesHandler usages

Releasing version 'releases/5.2.1-B2' (copy from 'branches/5.2.x') of 'modules/in-news' module.

Bug INP-1255 - Simplified catalog permission system

Bug INP-1248 - Initial support for namespaced classes in kFactory

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Bug INP-1206 - Focusing on date/time field doesn't show an error

Bug INP-1203: OOP unit config creation

Bug INP-1174: Using CodeMirror on SQL Query page in Admin

Commit on behalf of Erik

Merge of "modules/in-news/releases/5.2.1-B1@15629" to "modules/in-news/branches/5.3.x@15658".

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Bug #0001399: Remove "ItemSQLs" from unit configs


Bug #0001441: Separate Module Installation with Class Constants in Unit Config


Releasing version 'releases/5.2.1-B1' (copy from 'branches/5.2.x') of 'modules/in-news' module.

Bug #0001434: Disable html editor for "inp_edit_textarea" block by default


Bug #0001424: Inconsistent naming in "E-mail Templates" section


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Bug #0001363: User selector not working


Bug #0001393: Random "Requested ID for prefix <prefix> not passed" notices


Bug #0001382: Error On Advanced Configuration Save


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Bug #0001367: Incorrect disabled toolbar button images in sprites


Releasing version 'branches/5.3.x' (copy from 'branches/5.2.x') of 'modules/in-news' module.

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Releasing version 'releases/5.2.0' (copy from 'branches/5.2.x') of 'modules/in-news' module.