Fixes INP-1749 - Load all content blocks of a page with a single database query

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D347

Fixes INP-1751 - Use PHP5-style constructor names only in LibChart library code

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D350

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Fixes INP-1753 - Protect against racing condition during Scheduled Tasks execution

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D358

Fixes INP-1760 - Don't attempt to change "CachedUrls" table for units, that are not used in Mod-Rewrite URLs

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D356

Fixes INP-1761 - Account for LeftJoinOptimizer during grid total calculation

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D357

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Fixes INP-1762 - Destroy query object before logging

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D359

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Fixes INP-1763 - Use first found record in update sql in the "\kApplication::logSlowQuery" method

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D360

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Fixes INP-1764 - Set correct exit code, when exception happens in CLI

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D361

Fixes INP-1765 - Use table alias, when creating calculated fields for catalog items

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D362

Fixes INP-1766 - Change "kDBLoadBalancer::openConnection" to always update last used connection index

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D363

Fixes INP-1767 - Purge expired database cache entries

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D364

Fixes INP-1768 - Disable Load Balancing from CRON

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D365

Fixes INP-1769 - Truncate search result table instead of dropping it

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D366

Fixes INP-1770 - Load default user persistent settings all at once

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D367

Fixes INP-1771 - Change slave lag detection code to use "SHOW SLAVE STATUS" query

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D369

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Fixes INP-1772 - Don't use "/tmp" folder, when resizing uploaded images

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D371

Fixes INP-1773 - Use "round" function during image resize instead of "ceil"

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D370

Fixes INP-1775 - Rename uploaded images to match their image type (when "storage_format" is used)

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D373

Fixes INP-1776 - Define permission mapping for "OnExportCancel" event

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D374

Fixes INP-1777 - Preserve non-existing selected options during record field value display

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D375

Fixes INP-1778 - Auto-focus correct form control on error

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D376

Fixes INP-1779 - Throw an exception, when SQL error is detected in CLI

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D377

Fixes INP-1780 - Sync "Semaphores" table structure between clean install and upgrade

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D378

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Fixes INP-1784 - Adjust "grid_total_td" block to respect "format" parameter

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D382

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Fixes INP-1788 - Trigger a warning, when not all fields were updated via "kDBItem::Update" method call

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D386

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    • +19

Fixes INP-1789 - Teach "Changes Log" section to respect "kDBItem::Update" calls with limited field set

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D387

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    • +19

Fixes INP-1785 - Always apply "no_default" format, when getting original field value

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D383

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    • +4

Fixes MINC-195 - Don't use "break" during shipping quote aggregation

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D348

Fixes INP-1787 - Don't use "get_magic_quotes_gpc" function

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D385

Fixes INP-1786 - Don't use "continue" inside a "switch" statement

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D384