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Fixes INP-1781 - Respect sub-item status, when performing unique validation

Differential Revision:

Fixes INP-1798 - Include validation errors and temp mode flag in kDBItem validation error message

Differential Revision:

Fixes INP-1688 - Support both "%s" and "


" in validation error messages

Differential Revision:

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Fixes INP-1438 - Form field value length assertion is done on empty value

Differential Revision:

Fixes INP-1380 - Use named parameters in error messages and add new parameter


1. commit on behalf of Gleb

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Fixes #0001381: Adding more info to item validation error message


Fixes #0001233: Incorrect error message during field value length validation


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Bug #0000268: Code Cleanup in 5.2.x branch

1. setting scope keywords and fixing PHPDoc comments


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Fixes #0000271: Redesign "Data Validation" Engine


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