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Fixes INP-1818 - Reset cURL settings only upon connection closing

Differential Revision:

Fixes INP-1819 - Allow retrieving response headers after making the cURL request

Differential Revision:

Fixes INP-1557 - Use "http_build_query" to escape url parameters

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Fixes INP-1393 - Add description about "Except" header usage

Differential Revision:

Fixes INP-1371 - kCurlHelper::SetRequestMethod always throws exception

1. commit on behalf of Erik

Fixes INP-1305 - Respect redirection limit during curl requests

Fixes INP-1278 - Use ENT_QUOTES with 'htmlspecialchars'

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Fixes #0001373: Class kCurlHelper ignores GET parameters


Fixes #0001338: Headers are returned along with response, when curl requests with followLocation option sent


Fixes #0001283: Problems with using Curl follow location feature in safe_mode or when open_basedir is enabled


Fixes #0000950: Log CURL requests to database table instead of file

Commit on behalf of Erik


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Merge of "in-portal/releases/5.1.3@14548" to "in-portal/branches/5.2.x@14575".

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Bug #0001025: Automatically set "svn:keywords" property to PHP files


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Bug #0000268: Code Cleanup in 5.2.x branch

Part 1 (see, bugnote 2970)


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Merge of "in-portal/releases/5.1.1@14072" to "in-portal/branches/5.2.x@13841".

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Releasing version 'branches/5.2.x' (copy from 'branches/5.1.x') of 'in-portal' module.

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