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Creating "In-Portal" module for versions before 5.0.0.

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Fixes #0000120: Ability to change current language from template


Fixes #0000103: Applying License to In-Portal and Modules


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Fixes #0000067: Last visited section lost, when language is changed


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Bug #0000009: Admin: Duplicate Link Checker.

1. Allows to use base64_encode function result as ID in grids.

2. Deprecated "adm_SaveReturnScript" tag removed.

3. When grid with special was used and event raised from grid (like OnPreCreate or OnNew) performed redirect, when first selected item ID was not passed in redirect link.

4. Private method "kCatDBEventHandler::_getMassPermissionEvents" added. Method allows category item event handlers to add own events to permission checking.


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1. #27493 - Admin: Add Item on Advanced View

2. OnCancel event was called on "categories/categories_edit" template instead of "OnCancelEdit" resulting no temporary table was deleted.

3. Method kApplication::ConfigValue fixed. Now if variable value is present, but it has NULL as value, then such variable is not threated as missing and duplicate queries are performed.

TODO: replace all NULL values in ConfigurationValues table with default values based on variable type (0 for checkbox, empty string for text and so on)

4. Now kDBEventHandler::StoreSelectedIDs could also get IDs from new "ids" $event parameter, rather, then from request. Useful, when IDs are changed on kDBEventHandler::CheckPermission method (before actual event call).

5. Method CategoryHelper::getStructureTreeAsOptions added. Method provides ability to get all category structure as options for any dbitem field (like ParentId for categories and CategoryId for category items).

6. Method CustomFieldsEventHandler::_getHiddenFiels fixed. Now it doesn't given warning when editing category item, with no custom fields to show on general tab.

7. Fixed method kCatDBItem::MoveToCat. Now, when category item is in temp mode, then category manipulations are also made in temp tables.

8. Permission checking logic for categories and category items in temp table is changed. Now everything in temp tables for them is allowed. Permissions are checked only when Save button is pressed during main item (not subitem) editing. When user selected 5 items, but he can edit only 2 of them, then other 3 are automatically excluded from item edit form. When all of selected items are excluded, then user gets "no permission" screen. Same with "move up/down", "approve/decline" toolbar buttons.

9. Method CategoriesEventHandler::printChildren && CategoriesEventHandler::getChildren moved to CategoryHelper and now are used by new CategoryHelper::getStructureTreeAsOptions method. Some documentation added for other CategoryHelper methods.

10. Permission debugging information was not available in some of permission checking methods. That's why method kPermissionHelper::finalizePermissionCheck added. Method should be used in any place, when $event status should change to erPERM_FAIL.

11. Column filters on Category Edit -> Custom tab's grid were not working, because of incorrect grid name used (Default instead of SeparateTab).

12. Fixed title preset name in "products/products_access" template (was "pr", but should be "access").

13. Fixed incorrect pagination prefix in some templates.

14. Formatter added for OnSale field in Products table.

15. No permission template fixed, now it doesn't break catalog.

16. sections_list template fixed to use new blocks.

  1. … 29 more files in changeset.

1. Special "primary" added for "skin" prefix for easy primary skin accessing.

2. Fixed some issues with uploaded/resized image path building, when WriteableBase was "\system" on Windows.

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.

1. #27081 - Admin: Editor in Site Views fix

2. kDateFormatter doesn't create *_formatted virtual fields anymore.

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.

1. Fixed category edit template layout in IE -> hidden fields moved outside table to look normal.

2. Fixed ajax overlay zIndex, so new windows will open over it, not under it as before.

3. Content category stripped from exported data.

4. Use is redirected exactly to import target category (not just in home category as before) after import is made.

5. #27456 - Admin: Import -> Multiple Fixes

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.

#27329 - Admin: Adding Relations to Category Item (ie. Product)

Fixed both places with relation adding and order item adding

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.

1. Tag adm_TemplateMatches removed, because equals_to parameter does the same as equals_to parameter for m_if tag.

2. Simultanious edit message functionality.

3. New title_render_as parameter for combined_header block.

  1. … 59 more files in changeset.

Redone Admin Login

  1. … 7 more files in changeset.

1. check for non-existing tab (when prefix is given) added in catalog

2. now theme default2007, then theme default2009 will be preselected during install (when available)

3. added new constant DBG_IGNORE_FATAL_ERRORS, that should be used in methods, that define their own error handlers and don't want kApplication to interfear (like sending 500 HTTP Responce code on fatal errors).

4. new edit button design for template editor on Front-End.

5. new method CategoriesTagProcessor::_transformContentBlockData added for applying custom processing to st_ContentBlock tag

6. new tag st_EditingScripts with all admin javascript includes from admin added. In case, when it's now used all such javascript are still added in st_EditPage tag.

  1. … 80 more files in changeset.

1. Show All/Show Structure links remembered last visited category.

2. Empty line between grid and toolbar in IE.

3. New replacement #section_label#, that will be replaced with label, from given section.

4. Unused old tab design styles removed from css file.

5. Completely rewrited "Loading ..." overlay logic during ajax requests in catalog and other ajax-related places.

6. search_keydown function fixed and don't raise php fatal error when enter is pressed in simple search input near search buttons in toolbar.

7. Categories tab removed from reviews section (was accidentally added during new catalog implementation).

8. Priority dropdown in categories list in admin is now filled with positive values.

9. Fixed proj-cms templates (because they will be moved to core later).

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.

1. export in new catalog fixed

2. openSelector fixed, now it really uses given url as form.action during submit

3. added ability to specify onAfterOpenPopup callback for open_popup function

4. new unit config option: PassPriority, used to sort prefixes in "env" variable in links

5. new tag abstract tag ModifyUnitConfig, used as addition to OnAfterConfigRead, but is called only when combined_header is used

6. fixed problem, when events from GET were not passed, when empty event names were presetnt in POST

7. SelectParam helper method changed, now it can be used as tag: selects 1st parameter, that has value from given parameter names

8. category sorting by priority is only applied in admin (now it's not forced) and in CachedMenu tag

9. tag c_HomeCategory added to return home category, because not it's Content (id > 0), not 0, as before.

10. fixed "SaveWarning" tag for categories. now it is displayed during category editing.

11. Virtual fields shown in grid are now skipped from search, when they doesn't have corresponding calculated fields

12. Missing email events (found in language pack, but not found in db) are now skipped without rising sql error.

13. new parameters perm_prefix and perm_event added to combined_header block. They as used during permission checking.

14. new parameter pagination_prefix added to combined_header block. It's used (when passed) as prefix for drawing upper pagination bar (usually in subitem lists).

  1. … 181 more files in changeset.

1. "Home" toolbar button in Catalog & in Catalog Item Selector now goes to Proj-CMS root category, not category with 0 id.

2. Fixed problem in new catalog selectors, where Categories tab was always visible in advanced view.

3. Theme selector added to catalog item selector too.

4. Path to primary category in advanced view was incorrect, because of ParentId field in Category table now has options formatter.

5. js function openSelector now also passes category

6. Firebug's console object is now also availible in iframes

7. proj-base/login.tpl now closes new-style opened pseudo-popups on session expiration

8. no_permission template in admin now also redirects to login template in case, when user is not logged in

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.

New "show_mode" for section definition: smNORMAL. This show mode constant and its handling to override sections (through SectionAdjustments) which are in smSUPER_ADMIN or smDEBUG by default, previously it was impossible (copied from "intechnic4").

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.

#26625 - Admin "head" frame design

  1. … 16 more files in changeset.

=== ++++ ===

  • Возможность передавать все параметры из блока в шаблон (через pass_params параметр).
  • К классу String (в JavaScript) добавлены методы toNumeric и trim.
  • Добавлен класс JSONHelper из проекта BegonijaASU.
  • Возможность убирания кнопок с панели инструментов шаблонов при помощи конфигурационного файла.

=== *** ===

  • В кеше секций теперь присудствует путь к шаблону, который ранее по ошибке стирался при его построении.
  • Метод Validate в классах kCatDBItem и CategoriesItem вызывался 2 раза, причём при первом его вызове изменения в OnBeforeItemCreate и OnBeforeItemUpdate событиях игнорировались.
  1. … 46 more files in changeset.

1. Fixed swfupload (for 10 flash player) style problem under in-portal.

2. Prevent cases of using undefined sections in combined_header block (new error is trown)

3. misc

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.

Compile templates with NParser now compiles Front-End templates too (not only admin templates as before). Fixes some cases, when errors were not reported correctly (e.g. about missing required attributes)

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.

#24714 - In-portal CMS (merging In-portal & Platform); icons

  1. … 106 more files in changeset.

#24714 - In-portal CMS (merging In-portal & Platform); item selector

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.

#24714 - In-portal CMS (merging In-portal & Platform); unused tag removed

import sources lister tag fix

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.

FCK for in-portal fix

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.

Redone pre-Import Script

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.

New FCK Editor

  1. … 407 more files in changeset.

new install engine for in-portal

  1. … 70 more files in changeset.
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