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Creating "In-Portal" module for versions before 5.0.0.

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Fixes #0000144: Fatal on Step 3 for CSV Import for Links, Articles, Products


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Fixes #0000103: Applying License to In-Portal and Modules


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1. Added submenu item in "Catalog -> Tools" menu for rebuilding priorities cache in current category

2. "View in Browse Mode" link is now hidden from catalog item selector.

3. Added missing js_escape parameter to phrases used in javascript in combined_header block.

4. Fixed bad automatic thickbox window positioning, when firebug or bookmark panel was opened (iframe was moving outside it's window).

5. New parameter $onAfterOpenPopup added for js functions: std_precreate_item, std_new_item, std_edit_temp_item.

6. inp_edit_box_ml block was used on non-multilanguage field (for prefix "skin", "test").

7. Improvements in installator & unit config reader for windows (DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR was used insead of "/" that was hardcoded). Iproved file scanning operation performance.

8. Installation on linux failed on 2nd step, when config.php file was missing and attempt was made to check it's write permissions.

9. kDBConnection::doInsert method iproved, so it now can perform multiple record insert into same table using only one INSERT statement no matter what actual records will be inserted.

10. Removed unused code from kDBTagProcessor::PredefinedSearchOptions tag

11. Now grid filters are not affected by DefaultSettingUsedId configuration variable.

12. Fixed Debugger::netMatch method. Now it doesn't raise warnings every time, when compare 2 given ip addresses (not subnet masks as earlier).

13. Improved config file search engine, now it takes 1 second to scan all config file for all in-portal modules.

14. preg_match in kUnitConfigReader::configAllowed replaced with substr, that improved config file checking speed.

15. Fixed bug in "Content" removal in each category path (was not removed, when only Content was present in category path).

16. Fixed bug in ExportHelper, that asked item for ExportColumns field even, when such field was not available.

17. When installed on local domain (tested on windows), then paid modules were not available at all, but they should be available for installing.

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1. Fixed category edit template layout in IE -> hidden fields moved outside table to look normal.

2. Fixed ajax overlay zIndex, so new windows will open over it, not under it as before.

3. Content category stripped from exported data.

4. Use is redirected exactly to import target category (not just in home category as before) after import is made.

5. #27456 - Admin: Import -> Multiple Fixes

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1. Final ajustments to categories_edit template to work with site config field hiding engine.

2. Custom field options list made smaller.

3. no_special parameter added to inp_label block.

4. Some debug code removed from kApplication class.

5. Added tags FieldVisible and FieldsVisible to show/hide fields based on data from site configs.

6. Global template compiler (from system tools section) now works only with enabled themes.

7. Fixed some warning on import/export screen.

8. #27460 - Admin: Hide Fields & Sections marked in Site Configs

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fix from apex to import script

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