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Fixes MINC-178 - Replace billing with shipping email on "Shipping" step during checkout

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D236

Fixes MINC-177 - Don't send "ORDER.SHIP" email, when email address is missing

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D239

Bug INP-1757 - Replace "each" function usage with equivalent code

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D411

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Bug INP-1577 - CS fix all variable type comment

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D240

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Fixes MINC-179 - Remove order id/object after the end of checkout process

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D238

Fixes MINC-168 - Rename "OrderHelper::getCreditCartType" into "OrderHelper::getCreditCardType" method

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D216

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Fixes MINC-137 - Shopping cart update via AJAX support

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D182

Fixes MINC-176 - Register missing classes in class factory

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D233

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Fixes MINC-138 - On user login/registration update Order user via "OrdersItem" object

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D183

Fixes MINC-134 - Lock tables to generate unique order numbers

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D141

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Fixes MINC-133 - Don't run "OrdersEventHandler::CheckUser" method in CRON

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D131

Fixes MINC-131 - No reservation on multi-order save

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D104

Fixes MINC-119 - Reset more fields during cloning

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D51

Fixes MINC-125 - Use grid name during order export

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D75

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Fixes MINC-126 - Print all selected orders

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D80

Fixes MINC-128 - SQL error, when splitting an order

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D82

Fixes MINC-129 - Shipment number isn't reset during order split

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D83

Fixes MINC-130 - Get next available sub-number during order split from database

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D87

Fixes MINC-122 - Set sub-order original fields during split

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D59

Fixes MINC-114 - Cleanup IDs of saved orders before adding/editing new orders

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D44

Fixes MINC-117 - Reset backorder flag on orderitems

Differential Revision: http://qa.in-portal.org/D47

Bug INP-1343 - Move "getRequestProtectedFields" method to "kDBItem" class

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Fixes MINC-106 - SQL error on order approve

Fixes #0001447: Product price change in Catalog breaks down all associated Reoccurring Orders


Bug #0001424: Inconsistent naming in "E-mail Templates" section


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Fixes #0001398: Email Sent Twice When Ordering


Bug #0001362: Use even more secure password hashing algorithm


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Bug #0001317: Allow to specify what IP address source to use


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Bug #0001394: Multiple notices discovered while developing System Log


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Bug #0001224: Email event usage refactoring


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